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Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Book a private jet

It’s no secret that air travel is surging right now, driving more and more travelers back to the skies. U.S. airlines continue to set records for the number of daily air travelers since the beginning of the pandemic. Bookings are increasing, driven largely by vacation travel as more destinations open up.

The same increase is seen in the private aviation sector: the industry is bouncing back, and flight volume is rising significantly. When COVID struck, many travelers turned to private aviation for the first time, driven by the unique safety guarantees it afforded; this year, domestic air charter demand in the U.S. is expected to rise beyond pre-pandemic levels.

Because of the rise in volume—and because of a few additional pandemic-related curveballs—I want to remind our jet card owners, pay-as-you-go members, and charter clients, as well as private fliers across the market to book their travel as far in advance as possible. Early booking will ensure they get the most out of their private jet experience.

So why is early booking important? For customers in the charter market who are at the whim of market pricing, it’s essential to book ahead of the high-volume summer travel season before demand causes rates to skyrocket. But aside from helping travelers avoid the high-volume headaches and frustrations that can occur during peak travel times, booking ahead helps match you to the best aircraft, experiences, and accommodations possible. The further ahead you book, the more time Flight Supporters and Guest Experiences teams have to personalize your flight and tailor your perfect experience.

Early booking gives your private aviation provider the time they need to make sure your perfect experience begins as soon as you step foot on your aircraft. Whether that means planning a surprise party for your children, arranging a multiple-course catered meal, or stocking the cabin with your pet’s favorite toys and treats. Increased travel demand also means hotel reservations, private tours, tee times, and spa appointments are filling up quickly. Booking early will help tap into the best of these experiences on your behalf, while they are still available.

Once you’ve booked your travel, you can access your itinerary, choose additional amenities and add-ons, and view and edit further details of your flight. Book early, and you’ll have all your important flight information at your fingertips weeks before you take off.

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