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Private Jet Flight Sharing Network

Together, we can do so much

WHO WE ARE is a vibrant community uniting aviation enthusiasts and passengers, offering affordable quotes for shared private flights. We prioritize comfort and flexibility, qualities often lacking in commercial airlines. Our philosophy champions freedom—the liberty to chart our own course and live life on our terms, free from restrictive regulations. Through innovative travel solutions, we aim to redefine the flying experience.

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Jet-share, Comfort & Community 
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Short Overview

We are a network that provides our members with the tools and necessities to locate, arrange, and book private flights at a fraction of the cost. The sky is no longer the limit.

There are numerous compelling reasons why choosing a private jet may be the ideal option for your travel needs. Whether it's the convenience of flying with your pet, the time saved by avoiding commercial airline delays, the thrill of a unique travel experience, the flexibility in scheduling, or the luxurious comfort that private air travel provides, the benefits are abundant.

At, our mission is to empower our members to navigate any travel challenges they may face. In today's dynamic world, where regulations and guidelines are constantly evolving, our members relish the freedom and flexibility of private air travel. As our network expands, we offer exclusive tools that simplify the process of finding private flights, empty leg flights, and connecting flights.

Our dedicated team continuously enhances and maintains our state-of-the-art custom search engine, delivering real-time updates on upcoming member split flights.

Furthermore, at, we facilitate cost-sharing by pairing clients with similar travel itineraries. By dividing travel expenses among multiple members, we make private jet travel more accessible and affordable for everyone.

Private jet in storm

Network & Community

Our skilled team is committed to addressing your queries promptly, freeing you from scheduling constraints and giving you time to make informed travel decisions. When you submit a travel request, we use our database to find potential companions for your route, listing your request on our search engine for other members to discover.

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By joining our network, you will be granted access to unique premium services, community, and custom search engines. 

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