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Private Jet Flight Sharing Group

Together, we can do so much

WHO WE ARE is a network of individuals whose primary goal is to bring together aviation experts, and flyers. Offering competitive quotes for split-cost Private Flights, which provides comforts and freedoms commercial airlines lack. Our philosophy stems from Freedom. We believe that we can all create a path to living in ways we choose to live, instead of following imposed rules. Our focus is to provide alternative ways of flying. 

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We are an online community space. To join us, subscribe to our membership and join our group here.




Luxury, Comfort & Community 
Around the Globe

Short Overview

We are a network that provides our members with the tools and necessities to locate, arrange, and book private flights at a fraction of the cost. The sky is no longer the limit.

There are many reasons for taking a private jet, such as flying with your pet, time savings, exciting experiences, flexible covid-19 rules, comfort & more.

Our goal is to help members overcome obstacles they may face while traveling. In today's world of ever-changing rules and regulations, our members enjoy the freedom and flexibility of private travel. As our network expands, we provide our members with dedicated tools to make finding private flights, empty leg flights*, and connecting easier. Our technicians are always working hard to update and maintain our NEW custom search engine of upcoming member split flights. matches our clients to similar destinations, allowing the burden of travel costs to be split amongst multiple members. 

Private jet in storm

Network & Community

Our network is comprised of experts and professionals that ensure your questions and concerns are addressed in a timely manner, removing scheduling restraints and providing ample time to make travel decisions. Once a request is submitted for travel, we use our database to find people who might be interested in splitting your route, we then add your request into our search engine for other members to find you.

Become a Member

By joining our network, you will be granted access to unique premium services, community, and custom search engines. 

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