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Benefits of flying privately

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Benefits of private jets

Fewer high-risk contact points

The best reason to fly privately can be for reduced public exposure. It's no surprise that private charter companies report seeing a significant rise in bookings versus last year.

A lot of fliers clearly want to avoid commercial air travel for obvious reasons.

Although some scientists say the odds of catching Covid-19 on an airplane are low, there can be as many as 700 touchpoints when flying commercial, according to GlobeAir, because of the need to progress through security, wait in the general terminal, and share a plane with many others.

Private jet travel may have as few as 20 touchpoints as most jets depart from a private terminal. The security screening process is quicker, and a full flight is typically limited to 15 other passengers. It's also much easier to contact-trace when there are fewer passengers.

To further reduce contact, some charter services use removable plastic sneeze shields between seats.

Custom flight plans

Many private charter companies operate from convenient regional airports so travelers can avoid traffic jams and busy flight lines associated with commercial terminals -- although that's not so much of an issue at the moment.

Depending on travel budget, fliers can charter their own plane and choose their origin and departure points.

Personalized service

Many private jets offer luxurious personalized services that can make first-class look like flying in coach.

Fliers don't have to arrive at the airport two hours before departure to ensure they have time to check bags and make it through security.

Once arriving at the private terminal, they can relax at the plane-side lounge, joined only by the other travelers on their flight.

Pets can fly

Private charters are more pet-friendly than flying commercial. If booking by the seat, passengers might only be allowed to bring a dog weighing up to 35 pounds that can sit on a lap, unless they buy a second seat.

If chartering the whole plane, furry friends can likely travel too with few restrictions.

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