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Private Jet flight-sharing around the world

Shared Private Jet Travel - Cost Split, Route Split & Exclusive Group Access

Private Jet
Private Jet

Our Value

Our company contains thousands of members who post on a daily basis about routes they are taking for the purpose of sharing routes with other members. Our trusted expert team helps members find competitive quotes, answer questions and helps in connecting you with a high-level network.

Our Process

When you subscribe to our membership, we add you to our database of members which grants you access to our group, our members, members' posts, a list of qualified private airlines + brokers, a search engine that showcases all upcoming member flights, and once you submit a request we help you find individuals to split the costs with through our network & we push advertisement in the area you are taking the flight from to find new members who might be interested in joining.

PRIVATE JET SHARING connects you with thousands of members, looking to share flights to and from a variety of destinations worldwide! Our platform is updated daily with posts by members looking to share private flights, as well as a brand new search engine of private seats in “empty legs”.

Private Jet Sharing Membership

private jet


Our NEW dedicated search engine, provides you with instant access to all upcoming member fights

private jet


Connect with thousands of interesting members who live fascinating lifestyles. Expand your network.

Private jet


Sharing flights, means easing the financial burden! Members enjoy saving thousands of dollars by splitting the cost of Private Flights. curates an experience that allows you to travel worldwide with the comfort of private travel, at a fraction of the cost.

private jet


Do not allow border or travel restrictions affect your travel, as a Private Traveler you will gain access to minimally restrictive customs and immigration facilities. We encourage you to check with the members of our team about specific destinations. As the world travel policies keep changing, we strive to keep bringing you freedom of travel.

private jet


Relax and enjoy your journey, having your furry companion by your side. Your pet will travel in comfort, and will not be obligated to follow any kind of breed, size, or licensing restrictions.

private jet


We have hundreds of brokers within our group that will contact you directly with quotes and flight information that fit your needs. All questions and flight requests are answered promptly, and efficiently.


Get Connected to Thousands of Members Worldwide!

"Private Jet Flight Sharing Around the World curates an experience that allows you to travel worldwide with the comfort of private travel, at a fraction of the cost."

Premium Jet Membership: For Brokers

Private Jet

Expert Account Privileges

You will be granted "Expert" account privileges, allowing unlimited interaction with members. Your account will also be visually marked as a person to contact in regards to flights, charters, etc.

Private Jet

Potenital Clients 

Get connected to thousands of clients worldwide on a single platform.

Private Jet

Promotional Posts

Your company will gain "Ad Credits" monthly, which can be used for promotional posts. Increasing visibility and customer flow.

Private Jet


As a team member of, you will be listed as a partner of the worlds fastest growing Private Flight Sharing network.

Private Jet

Private Jet for Pets

Dog in airport


No breed restrictions, weight restrictions, or long paperwork hassle

Dog in private jet


Crews follow all procedures to guarantee Safety for you and your companion

Flying cat


Pets are not restricted to crates or carriers, airline crew is accommodating to furry companions

Flying Dog


Having your pet physically present during flights reduces your stress 

Shared Private Jet
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Private jet
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